Nurseries Owned by Jancett Group of Day Nurseries

Jancett Group of Day Nurseries focus upon the learning and development of pre-school children, aiming for a daily environment in which they can thrive, feeling free to express themselves, communicate and be creative.

While sound education is the aim of the provider, all steps are taken to ensure the good health, hygiene and security of each child, with any specific requirements taken into account upon admission and parents regularly consulted.


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Startel Day Nursery & Baby Room

Holmwood Gardens, Wallington

Startel Day Nursery & Baby Room comes from the Jancett Group of nurseries which values the care and education of young children and babies, the desire of youngsters to use their imagination,… more

Jancett Day Nursery & Baby Unit

53/55 Ross Road, Wallington

Jancett Day Nursery & Baby Unit focuses on a wide range of pre-school learning goals, making the most of the experience of a professional team and a facility thoroughly equipped for extensive… more

Gaytime Day Nursery & Baby Room

18 Stanley Park Road, Wallington

Gaytime Day Nursery & Baby Room is located in a large two storey house and provides childcare for children under five living in Wallington. Children have access to bright and engaging… more

Ripples Pre-school

Riverside Centre, 113 Culvers Avenue, Carshalton

Ripples Pre-school offers a service to local parents, with values based on achieving quality care and learning throughout the early years. The nursery aims to help parents in kick-starting… more

Pollyanna Day Nursery & Baby Unit

47 Park Lane, Carshalton

Pollyanna Day Nursery & Baby Room is a professional childcare service made possible by the conversion of an intriguing church building. The experienced team conduct age-specific play sessions,… more