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Discovery Nursery and Preschool - Greenford is a small boutique setting that offers children a genuine home-from-home environment. The nursery offers a vast range of resources and activities… more

Review Score 8.8
from 7 Reviews
Our son started at Discovery in March 2017 when he was 11 months old. We had difficulty deciding… (Thursday 6 Jul 2017)

Discovery Nursery and Preschool Eastcote

The Cavendish Country House, Field End Road, Ruislip

Discovery Nursery and Preschool - Eastcote is a small boutique nursery setting, offering children the chance to learn and develop in a home-from-home environment. The nursery's team… more

Review Score 7.8
from 1 Review
From the moment I stepped into Discovery Nursery room situated at the Cavendish in Eastcote, I knew… (Thursday 6 Jul 2017)