SKAT Recruitment

Chieftain Way, Orchard Park, Cambridge CB4 2EF

SKAT Ltd provides high quality support staff to nurseries, schools and pre-schools on a daily and permanent basis.

It has an in-depth knowledge on EYFS, national curriculum and the relevant legislation that will help find the ideal candidate for a setting.

A team of qualified and experienced practitioners are personally interviewed and DBS checked prior to being sent on casual assignment or prior to referral and/or interview for a permanent position.

This ensures a team of committed, caring personnel is available to help provide reliable support.

SKAT expect the best from its workforce and in return staff should expect positive work experience through regular assignments and/or permanent employment. It is open 24/7 to provide childcare solutions to its clients.

It is committed to providing excellent customer service and treats each client and candidate as an individual. It keeps in touch with staff to ensure they can best fit clients' unique requirements.

Early Years Consultant Hertfordshire: Desi Gray

Early Years Consultant Cambridgeshire: Sohini Biswas

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September 2017