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Nursery manager finds first white Creme Egg and scoops £1,000

Article By: Sue Learner

Natasha Bream, a manager of a nursery in Luton, is the first to find a limited edition white chocolate Creme Egg.

Credit: Cadbury

Each white Creme Egg has a golden ticket with free cash.

The 30-year-old bought three eggs at Tesco Express while she was on her work lunch break and found she had one of the 34 eggs worth £1,000. She said she was “excited” and a “little shocked”.

"It was quite bizarre as we had just been talking about it at work so we knew what it meant to win!"

Ms Bream, who is going to use the money to go on holiday, said: "I would like to go back to Australia but we are not sure where we are going to go yet."

As for the white egg, she hasn't eaten it yet and revealed "I don’t think I am for now – I will wait for a while and eat it eventually".

The hidden eggs are being sold in newsagents, Sainsbury’s Local, Tesco Express and the Co-op. The eggs are in the same packaging as the milk chocolate ones.

There are 371 white chocolate Creme Eggs hidden around the UK with cash prizes of up to £2,000.


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