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Peter Andre apologises for criticising nurseries not planning to offer 30-hours 'free' childcare

Article By: Melissa McAlees

Admitting that he "wasn’t fully briefed," Peter Andre has apologised for criticising nurseries not planning to offer the 30-hours of 'free' childcare.

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In his new! magazine column, the singer said he was upset at a survey which revealed some nurseries were not planning to offer the Government’s new policy.

He wrote: "A survey has found that one in five nurseries in England don’t plan to offer the Government’s proposed 30 'free' hours of childcare each week, according to the National Day Nurseries Association."

"I absolutely do not agree with this. What about the thousands of parents out there who need and depend on it? If the Government is offering it, every nursery should honour it."

However, Twitter users began to question his statement and knowledge of the Government scheme.

One user tweeted: "Why not get involved in the CNLF campaign to properly understand and support all early years providers?" Another commented: "Please look at the facts to find out why nurseries and childminders are struggling with 30-hours funding."

The 44-year-old claims he did not realise at the time that the Government does not cover all the costs of nursery needs and has vowed to support Champagne Nurseries Lemonade Funding - a campaign which helps to raise funds for them.

He apologised and added: "I hold my hands up. At the time, I wasn’t aware that in many cases, the Government doesn’t pay the full amount it costs for each child’s place so the nurseries have to cover the shortfall.

"Now that I know all the facts, together we need to raise more awareness through campaigns such as the CNLF campaign."

The Champagne Nurseries Lemonade Funding group first launched an animated film highlighting the funding shortfall faced by nurseries when former Prime Minister David Cameron announced 30-hours 'free' childcare would be available to three- and four-year-olds from September 2017.

They claim the Government is paying just £3.80 an hour for free care that actually costs nurseries £5.00 per hour.

For more information on the campaign and to watch the animation visit:


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