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TV actor Kathy Burke stars in new CBeebies series

Article By: Melissa McAlees, News Editor

Kathy Burke, Sarah Lancashire and Andrew Scott are the voices behind the monster characters in a new 2D animated preschool series, which airs on CBeebies next month.

Kathy Burke with Miss Grizzlesniff

School Of Roars, which follows five little monsters as they experience school for the very first time, will begin on 6 February.

The series has been created by Dot To Dot Productions, the company behind Zingzillas and Big Cook Little Cook, and was animated at Dot To Dot’s in-house studio in Chiswick.

Kay Benbow, controller at CBeebies said: “We’re sure our youngest viewers will be enchanted by the friendly school-based adventures, the bright design and the quirky humour, whilst parents may be surprised by the hugely talented stellar supporting cast.

"We hope it will become another monster-mazing, super-snufflesome CBeebies favourite."

School Of Roars follows five mini monsters through their school day as they learn 'monstery' lessons in maths, music, cookery and life.

The class is taught by the loveable Miss Grizzlesniff, who is voiced by Kathy Burke, known for her role in 'Gimme Gimme Gimme'. Other voices in the series include Sarah Lancashire (known for her latest role in Happy Valley) who plays the headmonstress Mrs Twirlyhorn, and Andrew Scott , who is the narrator, as well as voicing other characters including the cookery teacher Mr Marrow.

Ms Burke is famous for her regular appearances in French and Saunders, Harry Enfield's Television Programme and for her role as Magda in the BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous.

She has since revealed she "was born to play Miss Grizzlesniff."

"My character is a monster-mazing teacher and very beautiful. She loves her class because every little monster is unique," she said. "I’ve got lots of friends that are little humans who are very excited about me being in School Of Roars."

Andrew Scott is also "delighted" to be part of the show. He said: "I think the little people in my life are going to love it. It has so much charm and heart, and I'm very prrrroud to be involved."

The show will be supported by strong interactive elements including games apps, story apps and a website.

School Of Roars was created by Alan Robinson, head of development at Dot To Dot, and is produced by Jo Killingley for Dot To Dot and Sarah Legg for CBeebies.

Ms Killingley, founder of Dot To Dot, believes School Of Roars is a "unique and exciting show that will appeal to both children and their parents."

She said: "It not only educates but prepares children for school in a fun and engaging way. What makes it even more exciting is that it is created, developed, produced and animated in-house by Dot To Dot following the launch of our own animation studio. The new studio will be producing and developing material for children of all ages."


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