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Three-year-old greets shocked dad after walking home alone from nursery

Article By: Angeline Albert, News Editor

Tiny tot Tanjida Amreen turned up alone at the doorstep of her home, having walked out of her nursery undetected.

The three-year-old girl managed to cross several main roads to greet her shocked father at the family home, as he was about to collect her from nursery at Holycroft Primary School in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

The little girl's father Akbar Ali spoke of his surprise when he saw her happily smiling at him at the front door, having escaped from her nursery.

“It is a miracle she wasn’t hurt. People drive round here like crazy”, Mr Ali told Keighley News.

“Tanjida isn’t old enough to know how to cross roads safely.

"What if she had been kidnapped or killed? My children are precious to me and I am very protective of them.”

Mr Ali was due to collect her at 3pm on 12 January, when the toddler arrived at 3.05pm.

“This should never have happened and I don’t want this repeated with any other child.”

After complaining to the school, he said: “They did say ‘sorry’ but it isn’t good enough. “I can’t understand how Tanjida was able to leave by herself. I want other people to be aware of this and I won’t let it go until I’m satisfied it can’t happen to anyone else’s child.”

Geoff Morrison, the headteacher of Holycroft Primary School told “We have apologised to the family for this regrettable incident.

"This happened at the end of the school day on Thursday. We were able to establish quickly that the child was at home.

“We have carried out a thorough investigation and we have now strengthened our procedures at the end of the school day to ensure that this cannot happen again.

"We have reassured parents that the safety of children is our top priority. “We have received positive feedback from parents about the changes we have made.“


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