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Nursery chain launches campaign encouraging parents to never miss a 'wow moment'

Article By: Melissa McAlees, News Editor

Busy Bees Childcare is launching a campaign to bring nursery staff and parents closer together, ensuring they never miss important milestones or ‘wow moments’ while away from their children.

Research carried out by staffing app, Coople, has found that one in five parents have missed an important milestone in their children’s life because of work or daily commitments.

To ensure parents are involved in all their child’s learning experiences, the childcare provider has introduced a new communication app as part of its campaign during a week of fun-filled activities.

Lisa Snell, early years director at Busy Bees Nurseries Ltd, said: “We believe in enhancing the communication between our staff and parents whenever we can to further benefit a child’s learning journey, and iConnect is a system that delivers just that.

“The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum means that our nursery staff carry out regular observations of every child, ensuring that their learning and development incorporates their interests and needs as well as recording special moments in their development. The evidence collected from these observations is analysed regularly to make assessments of the children’s learning and development.

“With iConnect now in place it will make our assessments even more in-depth and with the opportunity for parent comment too – we are confident that our children’s learning is improving for the better.”

The iConnect app, developed by Connect Childcare, incorporates a ‘ParentZone’ for parents which will replace the traditional paper-based method of recording observations. It is hoped the app will encourage a two-way flow of communication between parents and nursery practitioners.

Parents will be able to securely log-in from home or work and view photographs, videos, observations and learning activities their children are taking part in. The observations are updated by the child’s key person throughout the day which means all important milestones can be fed back to parents.

As part of the campaign, Busy Bees nurseries across the country will be inviting parents to share pictures of their ‘wow moments’ with children on social media to show how memorable a photograph can be.

To demonstrate how the app works, Busy Bees will be hosting a week of interactive and engaging activities during its September enrolment week (12 September), partnering with various organisations such as iConnect, E-Bop.TV, JCB Kids and the Wildlife Trust.

Nurseries that are launching the app will show parents how day-to-day activities will be recorded and how the evidence collected from these observations will be used to make assessments of a child’s learning and development.

As well as improving communication with parents and cutting down on paperwork for nursery practitioners, the app also offers parents additional peace of mind. All log-ins will be created by a super user and assigned a permission level, with any access outside of normal working hours needing to be authorised by a designated safeguarding officer with a two-step verification process.

All published information will be approved by the nursery manager and information going to and from the app will be encrypted and sent through a separate secure server.

The app will be launched in 57 Busy Bees nurseries across the country during the enrolment week.

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