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No Smell Nappy Bin that works


Have you been searching for a nappy bin that doesn’t smell? Look no further, OdoCare Baby have three sizes of no smell nappy bins that keep bad smells locked inside. Unfortunately there are many nappy bins in the UK which simply do not work, they are simple devices that you simply push a nappy inside and twist the top.

Not only that, the bags or cartridge systems some other nappy systems use are so thin, there is absolutely no chance of keeping your child's dirty nappy smell inside!

OdoCare Baby is not only easy to use, it actually works! Providing you use good quality bags or bin liners, the patented nappy drop mechanism does keep dirty nappy smells locked inside.

OdoCare Baby Regular: The OdoCare Baby Regular No Smell Nappy Bin is designed for home use, it holds up to 30 nappies.

OdoCare Baby Medium:

The OdoCare Baby Medium No Smell Nappy Bin has been designed Childminders, Kindergartens and Children’s Nurseries. The OdoCare Baby Medium holds up to 50 nappies.

OdoCare Baby Large:

The OdoCare Baby Large No Smell Nappy Bin has been designed for larger kindergartens, nurseries and baby changing rooms. It is the perfect height to sit next to a baby changing bench and can be operated with one hand. The OdoCare Baby Medium holds up to 75 nappies.

Whatever OdoCare Baby No Smell Nappy Bin you choose, it will keep bad smells locked inside whilst being one of the easiest nappy bins to use on the market today. Simply place the nappy into the top of the unit, turn the handle and the dirty nappy is gone!

Want to see the bin in action then visit the OdoCare Baby website.