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Bushey Heath Opticians visit Boys & Girls Nursery


The children at Boys & Girls Nursery Stanmore, were excited to spend time with Owen Hilton, Optometrist, Bushey Heath Opticians. Owen talked to the little ones about the importance of keeping your eyes healthy.

It is exceptionally important for children to learn about World Sight Day and why it is significant. A huge number of children and adults have difficulties with their vision and consequently children should learn to understand and empathise and also look out for signs that their eyes might need to be checked.

Children should start having check-ups as early as possible and be seen once every six months, it is free and there is no need to read.

Owen ran a fantastic and fun filled session, he spoke about how to keep eyes healthy and in good condition by eating the right foods and exercising. He showed the children photos of food and they had to guess which were good and what to avoid. He also brought with him a variety of glasses and lenses.

“Many thanks to Owen who kindly took time out from his very busy schedule to talk to our children, they really enjoyed themselves and also learned a lot! ” said Natasha, Founder of Boys & Girls Nursery.

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