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Day nursery encouraging physical play after receiving £5,000 Quality First Funding

Article By: Rachel Baker, News Editor

After receiving a Quality First funding bid from North Yorkshire County Council Early Years team for £5000, Jigsaws Childcare wanted to use the money for physical development in child learning as a direct result of improvements in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Changes will take place from September 2012 following on from the Dame Tickell review of the EYFS, highlighting the importance of physical development in children’s learning and of working in partnership with parents.

The funding supported two Jigsaws Childcare staff members, operations manager, Nicole Newiss and room supervisor, Fran Heaney to undertake an intensive five day course in developmental movement and play through the Jabadao National Centre for Movement Learning and Health.

Jabadao Developmental Movement and Play draws on existing theories about the links between movement and the development of the brain and the nervous system and combines them with theories about play.

The training Fran and Nicole have undertaken, helps them see how adults often get in children’s way, unwittingly undermining an important part of the developmental process. Developmental movement play allows children to understand their bodies, develop their neural pathways which supports their social well-being and gets them on the right track for future learning.

After completing the five day course, Jigsaws Childcare's 13 staff will implement what they’ve learnt in their day sessions enabling the children who attend the nursery's full daycare or sessional care to enhance their social, emotional and physical well-being.

The day nursery also wants to develop a course of developmental movement and play in conjunction with parents and operations manager, Nicole Newiss will be inviting parents to come along with their children and attend four one-hour sessions. She says:

“I want to use the funding and training we have to support parents so they too can understand the significance of movement development and how it impacts on the learning and well-being of their children.

“It is just as simple that if a child cannot control their body’s big movements such as jumping, balancing, swinging or pushing their arms, how can we expect them to control small intricate movements such as holding a pencil correctly or turning the pages of a book?”

The first set of developmental movement play classes will run on four Fridays from the 4th to the 25th May, 9.30am to 10.30am. Parents and children from birth to three are invited to come along and the whole course costs £12 per family, including a starter pack. There will be a ‘borrow bag’ on offer containing items to encourage movement play at home

The classes will involve lots of floor play and is timely after a recent survey found that parents are suffering a “play confidence crisis” about being involved with their children’s play.

Photo: Jigsaw Childcare children enjoying physical development sessions


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