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Scunthorpe day nursery planning extension

Article By: Rachel Baker, News Editor

Scunthorpe’s Wise Owl Private Day Nursery has announced plans to extend into the building next door, increasing the nursery from a 35 place day care setting to a 74 place nursery. The extended premises will house a brand new toddler room, a preschool and an out of school club.

Toni Krajnik, managing director said: “Since we opened in 2005 the nursery has had a high demand for places. We extended into the loft in 2010 and after that we couldn’t extend the existing property any further. We were really excited when Cycle Mine came on the market as it means we can expand next door.”

A government initiative to provide two-year-olds with 15 hours of free childcare education, is currently being trialled for the most disadvantaged children with plans to launch this further by 2014. It is expected that 40 per cent of all two-year-olds will qualify for this based on their parent or guardian's household earnings and so Wise Owl’s new toddler room will be open from 7.30am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.

The Wise Owl pre-school will provide care for children aged two to five, whose parents/guardians want their 15 hours of free educational funding as provided by the government. It will be open from 9.30am to 2.30pm and will be fitted with a secure, password protected web camera, (like all Wise Owl rooms), so parents can log in and watch their child playing.

Wise Owl Private Day Nursery will be the first nursery to have a specialist sensory room, designed specifically for children aged 0 to five-years-old. It will help to develop their sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. A sensory theatre system from The Sensory Company in Doncaster will create unique, exciting, educational environments through video projection, sound and colour in seconds. It can be tailored to suit individual needs and so the use of the sensory room will be rotated so that children of all ages can benefit from it. The managing director plans to open the room up at weekends so children with additional needs can access it too.

It is hoped the out of school club will be open in June, once renovations are complete and it will provide care before and after school, during term time and the school holidays. Wise Owl has a qualified bus driver to pick children up from different schools in the area. There will be one floor for children aged four to eight and another floor for eight to 12 year olds as Wise Owl research has found older children prefer their space away from younger children. It also ensures resources and activities can be age specific.

Wise Owl is currently in the process of purchasing a property in Messignham, which will become a 55 place farm nursery. The children will be able to do a lot of their learning outside and will help look after all the animals including ducks, rabbits and a donkey.

Wise Owl hope to achieve an Ofsted “outstanding” in its next inspection and is very enthusiastic about the expansion plans Toni Krajnik, managing director said: “It is our reputation for good practice that has driven our success. We hope that the expansion will allow us to share this success with more families in the local community.”

Photo: Wise Owl nursery school children outside their nursery in Scunthorpe and the building next door which they plan to extend to.


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