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Finance Assistance - Over 1000 Support for Day Care Nurseries


Do you need to raise finance for your business OR Do you know of a business that needs to?

The Gateway2Finance Scheme is Govt funded and aimed at helping businesses based in London's 32 Boroughs who need £20k or more access it through the support of Business Advisor

Leading Business Consultancy is a Provider of G2F and we are here to help you take advantage of this excellent opportunity.

The Benefits to the Client include:

1. Initial session with a business advisor 2. 12 hours one-to-one business support 3. Help in Fine-tuning a finance-ready business plan for the banks 4. Help in identifying different sources of finance for your business 5. Support in understanding the key issues when applying for debt finance 6. Access to Banks & Non-bank lenders/Completing of forms 7. Finance Readiness/Panel Coaching/Raising Finance Presentation Skills

The Eligibility Criteria includes:

1. Be an Existing business, trading for at least 12months 2. Have End of Year Accounts 3. Business located in one of London's 32 Boroughs 4. Be Registered with HMRC or Companies House 5. Have good prospects for Growth in the next 12months 6. Able to contribute £200+Vat towards the G2F Scheme 7. Be looking to raise a minimum of £20k or more of external funding 8. Be committed to seeing the process through

Contact Us at to find out more about this. Call us on 0845 226 4315. Send your email to to find out more. Claim your grant support now.