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Education Aquariums making a splash


There's something fishy going on at Blackburn Rovers Enterprise Centre! Local entrepreneurs Dan Green and Chris Hibbert are set to expand their established Lancashire based company Aqualease further afield with a new Aqualease Nation Wide Service.

Aqualease hire fully serviced, hassle free fish aquariums to nurseries and schools and have been running since 2003. Since starting part time 7 years ago servicing their hired aquariums to clients in the North West, Dan and Chris have gone from strength to strength, and now employ over 10 staff and have three premises.

Director Chris Hibbert says 'Our Aqualease aquariums are now very popular as not only do they make a fantastic feature for any environment but the educational benefits make them a very valued asset for any child based setting. We have been getting enquiries nationwide for some time now and expanding as a national operation is our best way forward.'

Aqualease aquariums are now seen at many different schools and nursery locations in the North West and their ultra modern displays can transform dull and boring locations into bright and welcoming environments. The fact that they are also completely taken care of makes them very appealing. Dan Green says ‘Since starting to install our aquariums into schools 5 years ago the feedback has been incredible. Some of our customers have told us our fish tanks have helped create a more calmer environment, whilst the children have benefited tremendously from our free educational sheets and posters we now supply. We have now recently started offering a free trial of one of our tanks to child based settings, as once they have seen the benefits they never want to see them removed. With prices starting from less than £1.30 per day including everything they really are a valued asset.'