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Education sector leads the way with low-maintenance slip-resistant decking

Article By: TimberTech

A wave of nurseries and schools across the UK have been refurbished and outdoor playing areas improved with TimberTech, a low-maintenance slip-resistant composite decking guaranteed for 10 years.

More than a thousand square metres were laid last year in nurseries and schools alone, and overall sales of TimberTech in 2009 increased by 60 per cent on 2008 figures. 

Managing Director of TimberTech, Jason Cole, explains: “Unlike conventional timber decking, TimberTech is a composite decking material which contains a special blend of recycled hardwood and pure polymers. 

“The material composition prevents all the problems that traditional timber decking is plagued with, such as fading, mildew and splintering.  And unlike other composite decks, it doesn’t look like plastic - it looks and feels natural.”

Double figure growth is expected to continue as the awareness of how TimberTech decking offers a safe, attractive and cost-effective solution for outdoor areas in nurseries, schools and colleges raises.

Jason continues, “Educational institutions are choosing TimberTech because it resists sun and water damage.  This means it won’t split, rot, crack, warp, fade, discolour or splinter.  It also inhibits the growth of mildew and moss, keeping it looking new, year after year without the need for continual maintenance.”  

Importantly, TimberTech provides a slip-resistant surface and has just a 3mm gap between each board to prevent fingers getting trapped, making it significantly safer for children than traditional decking.

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