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Create environments to engage and inspire with TTS


When choosing resources and defining an area of a setting it is important to think of how each aspect contributes to a child’s learning. Consider the visual, cognitive, auditory, emotional and physical needs and wellbeing.

TTS Group Ltd, leading supplier of innovative, educational resources to schools and Early Years settings, have some lovely resources to create a nurturing environment in your setting.

Children love dens and especially ones which they can design and get creative with before hiding away inside. The Hideaway Hut (EY06053) is an open-ended frame that can be adapted easily to suit different themes and subjects. Try weaving around the frame or attaching fabrics with pegs to create a cosy space for children to read or chat with friends. Or why not add camouflage netting or plastic mesh and then fasten different items to the outside. Made from Beech Wood and priced at £349.95 it is perfect for children to build their own special place.

Transform an area of your setting with the beautifully crafted Lovely Learning Location (EY06046). It is a unique open-ended structure which can be used to create a cosy reading area or an enticing literacy corner which will delight and engage children in learning. It can be a role play area, a themed zone or a room for reflection. Decorate with voile, ribbons and mobiles by simply threading them though the flower fretwork. This four cornered structure can also be draped with curtains, LED lights and mirrored shapes for perfect open ended play. Made from Birch Ply and Beech wood the Lovely Learning Location is priced at £499.95.

Children will love spending time in the Terrific Tent Den (EY06347). This engaging, versatile space is perfect to introduce dens into a setting. It will encourage play, communication, reading and fun. The tent makes a delightful reading area or a cosy place to hide away and chat and play with your friends. Invite role play by dressing as a camping scene. The Terrific Tent Den is priced at £799.95 and can be assembled and disassembled for storage.

Catherine Clark, Director of New Product Development at TTS says “Children love to crawl into cosy and inviting spaces: they can be immersed in their own little world. Dens, corners, canopies etc. need to be readily available and made inviting and welcoming. Consider the height of the area, are there textures, soft cushions and a tactile mat to sit on? Or is it cold and one dimensional? Help imaginations to soar but also create areas where children feel calm, secure and snug. We all like to spend time in delightful places that support our feeling of wellbeing, babies and toddlers benefit in the same way”

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