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Tragedy of childhood cancer the focus of new national conference

Article By: Richard Howard, News Editor

A new conference has been announced looking into the ordeal of childhood cancer, which will explore crucial issues that include barriers to research, funding and GP awareness.

The National Childhood Cancer Conference (CCC14), from charity Bethany’s Wish and the UK’s Wilms Tumour Charity, is to be held on 16 May at The Studio, Birmingham City Centre and will offer presentations from some of the world’s leading experts, as well as welcoming leading health professionals and researchers in the field of paediatric oncology.

Being the first of its kind, CCC14 is organised to target both the healthcare community and also parents who have had to cope with children fighting childhood cancers, offering the opportunity for one-to-one discussion on a heartbreaking subject that organiser Angela Polanco has experienced first hand.

Ms Polanco, whose daughter Bethany was diagnosed with Wilms tumour in April 2009 and sadly passed away in October 2012 aged 8 years old, comments on her own experience, saying: “It always seemed strange to me that there was never an opportunity for those facing childhood cancers in their lives and in their homes to actually come together with the leading experts.”

Charity Bethany’s Wish was set up to raise awareness of childhood Wilms tumour and to help fund research, with the CCC14 conference following just 19 months after Bethany lost her four-year battle.

Ms Polanco continues: “I needed to create an opportunity. To bridge the gap between parents and those professionals who are working at the forefront of paediatric oncology. CCC14 is just that.”

The event is also supported by the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group and parents can find out more about booking at


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