'Good' Ofsted inspection - Little Learners Nursery & Pre-School, Hornchurch

Recipient: Little Learners Nursery & Pre-School, Hornchurch

Date: Friday 16 Feb 2018

The quality and standards of the early years provision is Good across:
Effectiveness of the leadership and management
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment
Personal development, behaviour and welfare
Outcomes for children

Children have good relationships with staff and each other. Older children share and take turns well during play, creating a calm and productive environment. Younger children who are new to the setting are supported well by staff who offer lots of comfort, reassurance, helping children to keep safe and feel secure.

Staff promote children's communication and language skills exceptionally well during play. They skilfully extend children's learning through meaningful conversations and encourage them to express their thoughts and feelings.

Staff are well deployed to ensure children are appropriately supervised and time is used effectively. As a result, children engage in a good range of free-play and adult-led activities which promote all areas of learning effectively.

Thorough methods of self-evaluation are implemented by managers to ensure they have a good overview of the settings strengths and areas they plan to improve.