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Children at Kiddi Caru Basingstoke Celebrate Chinese New Year


On Thursday 19th February the children and staff at the Kiddi Caru day nursery in Basingstoke will be dedicating a whole day to Chinese New Year, with everything from dragons, lanterns and noodles making an appearance.

There will be a Chinese themed menu at lunch-time so that the children can try lots of Chinese cuisine and the children will even be doing sensory play with chopsticks and noodles to practice their fine motor skills. The whole nursery will be decorated with lanterns and Chinese dragons made by the children and there will be Chinese music playing throughout the day.

The children will also be reading stories about Chinese New Year, learning about fortune cookies and giving their friends ‘lucky red envelopes’. If that wasn’t enough, all of the children will also be able to come to nursery dressed in red, orange and gold.

Suzanne Chilvers, Nursery Manager, said: “It’s very important for children to learn about different cultures and traditions from all over the world, and Chinese New year is always a favourite for them because it’s so bright and colourful. The nursery is going to look fantastic on the day with all of the amazing dragons and lanterns the children have been creating!”

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