Day Nurseries with full day care in Burgess Hill

Day Nurseries, including Norto5 KIDZ-Burgess Hill and Tudor House Montessori Nursery, in or near Burgess Hill are set out below. For more information on the Day Nursery, click the relevant link.

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Lower Church Road, Burgess Hill


At TiggyWigs, Childcare is the team's passion! They pride themselves on providing a high quality, friendly, caring and stimulating environment for all the children in their care . Owners are very proud to have such a highly qualified and experienced… more

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Kiddi Caru Day Nursery

Victoria Business Park, York Road, Burgess Hill

Day Nursery Group: Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries

Kiddi Caru is not just a day nursery; it’s a great start in life! Our nursery is bright, homely and spacious with a fantastic outside area for children to enjoy; an environment that is safe and secure. The welfare of the children in our care is… more

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8.2 Recommendation Score
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Lavender Lodge Nursery

St Johns Park Lodge, Park Road, Burgess Hill

Rosebud Montessori

113A Lower Church Road, Burgess Hill

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Norto5 KIDZ-Burgess Hill View Full Details

West End Farm Pavilion, The Brooks, Burgess Hill