Featured Day Nursery Groups

Featured Day Nursery Groups/Owners with 2 or more Day Nurseries are listed below, with the number of Day Nurseries that are part of the Group in brackets. Please click on the Group Name to list all of the Day Nurseries that are part of that Group.

123 Jump Ltd (2)

123 Jump Ltd is a company that has heavily invested in its childcare centres in order to provide environments ideal for pre-school learning goals, staff teams that are highly-trained … more

ABC Childcare Centres (2)

ABC Childcare Centres operate two Wolverhampton services that offer experienced care teams, great indoor and outdoor facilities for learning and play, as well as professionals who … more

Abbey Nurseries Ltd (2)

Abbey Nurseries Ltd offer a versatile range of childcare services, including before/school and holiday clubs, with a strong focus on a fun and stimulating learning environment. Professionals … more

The Abingdon Kindergarten (3)

Abingdon Kindergarten Group has been a trusted childcare provider for over twenty years, offering services that are dedicated to providing children with a homely and creative environment, … more

Acorn Childcare (10)

Acorn Childcare Ltd is well-respected by parents and nursery professionals in the Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire areas, where the provider has been growing a steady portfolio of … more

Active Learning (9)

Active Learning has eight nurseries, each of which reflects its own style and personality and that of its local community. At Active Learning, we promote the development of the all … more

All My Friends Childcare Ltd (2)

All My Friends Childcare Ltd operate two Gloucester day nurseries set up to offer qualified childcare and early years learning to local parents, through teams who have experienced … more

Apple Blossom Day Nurseries (2)

Apple Blossom Day Nurseries take a caring and diverse approach to nursery practice, within inclusive settings and staff who are committed to quality standards as reflected in their … more

Asquith Day Nurseries & Pre-Schools Ltd (77)

Asquith Day Nurseries & Pre-Schools Ltd provides premium childcare and education for the under fives. At each of their nurseries, children will receive a rich, stimulating nursery … more

The Aunties' Old School Nursery (2)

The Aunties' Old School Nursery operate two Oxford facilities, both of which take a friendly and versatile approach to parents' needs, while ensuring that children and they pre-school … more

BarBar Nursery Ltd (3)

BarBar Nursery Ltd strives for a versatile outlook on its available childcare services, to hopefully suit the requirement of parents' individual lifestyles, through an experienced … more

Barnardo's Nurseries North East (2)

Barnardo's Nurseries North East own three childcare facilities that run a friendly service based around mutual respect between staff and parents, nurturing environments for children … more

The Bath Nursery Company (2)

The Bath Nursery Company look to offer parents the benefits of a trusted and secure day nurseries, with professionals teams committed to achieving the highest levels of childcare. … more

Beeline Nurseries Ltd (2)

Beeline Nurseries Ltd operate two Isle of Man services, well-respected on the island for quality childcare and early years learning environments, respecting child development and rewarding … more

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (3)

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust owns and operates three nurseries in Berkshire which are open to everyone; parents do not need to work for the Trust in order for their children … more

Bertram Nursery Group (32)

The Bertram Nursery Group is committed to a creative curriculum that enables individual development, within healthy environments that excite children and earn the trust of parents. … more

Boys & Girls Nursery Ltd (4)

Boys & Girls Nursery Ltd look to provide secure and friendly environments, together with the qualified staff that parents deserve for their children. Established in 2007, the group's … more

Bright Beginnings Day Nurseries (3)

Bright Beginnings Day Nurseries look to achieve the very best care and education for all children, made possible through a caring and friendly atmospheres that are well-resourced for … more

Bright Horizons Family Solutions (118)

Bright Horizons is the UK’s leading nursery network, with over 200 nurseries in the UK and Ireland and a 30 year history. Their mission is to provide the highest quality early care … more

Bright Kids Nurseries & Out of School Clubs (3)

Bright Kids aim is to enhance the development of the children in their care and to this end they promote 'learning through play' and provide a range of services that assist in improving … more

Bringing up Baby (4)

Bringing up Baby directs its services towards fun and effective early years education, safeguarding the physical and emotional needs of children and valueing the relationship its services … more

Brown Bears Nursery - North London (2)

Brown Bears Nursery - North London take pride in comprehensive environments for childcare and pre-school learning, enabling each child to develop positively with access to physical … more

CHS Group (CHS) (2)

Sunflower at Cambridge and Sunflower at Cambourne are run by The CHS group and offer childcare for families with children aged between six months and five. Both nurseries work to … more

Caring Daycare Ltd (12)

Caring Daycare Ltd is a Surrey company with a tradition of holistic development, focusing on achieving best nursery practice alongside Montessori learning. All rooms are purpose-built … more

Castle Nurseries Ltd (2)

Castle Nurseries Ltd operate two Bromsgrove facilities, Parkside and Perryfields, both of which offer a positive environment in which for children to develop at this crucial stage … more

Cheeky Monkeys Day Nursery & Pre School Ltd (2)

Cheeky Monkeys Day Nursery & Pre School Ltd has built up an excellent reputation in the Colchester area, with specifically trained professionals who are resourced to pursue a wide … more

Cherry Childcare (10)

Established in 1993, Cherry Childcare is an independent group of nurseries that is dedicated to quality staff, training and facilities in order to achieve the best childcare and early … more

Child First (5)

Child First has been developing the five nurseries since 2007 and is the culmination of over 20 years development experience in childcare and learning. Everybody involved in managing … more

Childbase Partnership (47)

Childbase, established in 1989 is a company privately owned by the employees. We operate nurseries throughout the South of England from Bath in the West, to Nottingham through to Cambridge … more

Childcare East Midlands LLP (11)

Childcare East Midlands look to combine the highest standards of childcare services and education, in order to enable parents whose children use the services to feel confident concerning … more

Children & Families Ltd (2)

Children & Families Ltd own three nurseries, two in Sittingbourne and one in Sheerness, all of which take pride in achieving a service that is both friendly and professional. The … more

Children 1st @ Breedon House (18)

Children 1st @ Breedon House have been an award winning, family-run childcare provider since 1989, with 15 nurseries throughout the East Midlands, 11 of which have Ofsted ‘Outstanding … more

The Children's House (Hampshire) Ltd (2)

The Children's House (Hampshire) Ltd provides a pleasant and secure environment for early years learning, in which children feel able to practice their developing skills in creative … more

Clarence House Day Nurseries Ltd (5)

Clarence House Day Nurseries Ltd are registered as operating three childcare properties, two in Huntingdon and one in Ely. The provider values its local reputation and seeks to make … more

Clear Day Nurseries (5)

Clear Day Nurseries run five services suited to different early years age-groups, run by fully-trained staff and with close links to social services. A fun and stimulating early years … more

Clever Clowns Day Nurseries (2)

Clever Clowns Day Nursery provides a safe environment for children to grow and learn in, which is fun and stimulating. The nursery prides itself on its high standards, and meets … more

Complete Childcare (10)

Complete Childcare is a leading childcare provider in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Their settings are home-from-home in character and embody the family values which professionals instil … more

The Co-operative Childcare (47)

The Co-operative Childcare are part of the second largest independent co-operative in the UK and have seen a number of healthy expansions in recent years to their nursery portfolio, … more

Cornerstone Nurseries Ltd (2)

Cornerstone Nurseries Ltd own two nurseries in the Sheffield area, which provide fun and safe environments for children to play and learn in. Each nursery has bright and spacious … more

The Cottage Day Nurseries Ltd (3)

The Cottage Day Nurseries Ltd are experienced in all key areas of early years curriculum, which they support children in pursuing within homely, secure and fully-resourced facilities. … more

Countryside Nurseries (8)

Countryside Nurseries have a simple philosophy: to provide a happy and safe ‘home from home’ environment. They have over 23 years’ experience in caring for children from 3 months … more

Cuddles Day Nursery Ltd (3)

Cuddles Day Nursery Ltd offer a friendly and fun childcare service aimed at giving youngsters the best possible start in life. With an open outlook, focused on the individual development … more

Daffodils Day Nursery Group (3)

The Daffodils Day Nursery Group are well-known amongst families in and around Norbury and Streatham, combining friendly services and secure facilities to achieve professional early … more

Daisy Chain Childcare (4)

Daisy Chain Childcare aspire to a service that enables children to reach their full potential during the early years period, preparing them as well and as healthily as possible for … more

Daisy Nursery Ltd (2)

Daisy Nursery Ltd provide a versatile range of sessions to suit parents childcare requirements, within comfortable and well-resourced nurseries with outdoor play areas and an organic … more

Early Years Care Ltd (5)

Early Years Care Ltd specialise in providing stimulating nursery environments that have been purposely designed to suit a quality pre-school education, well-equipped with creative … more

Edith Rose Nurseries Ltd (2)

Edith Rose Nurseries Ltd run one service in Windsor and one in Ascot, both of which support quality learning and development within a caring and secure environment in which parents … more

Egg Childcare Ltd (2)

Egg Childcare Ltd make the most of renovated environments, looking to provide a level of service that exceeds parents' expectations. The owners take pride in beings hands-on with how … more

Elm Cottage Ltd (3)

Elm Cottage Ltd specialise in rich and stimulating environments for early years children, looking to have a positive impact on this crucial time of a child's life with home-from-home … more

Enchanted Forest Nursery (4)

Enchanted Forest Nurseries work to give children the best start in life by providing a stimulating and exciting environment in a safe and happy nursery. Children are encouraged … more

Fennies Day Nurseries Ltd (8)

Fennies Day Nurseries Ltd provide flexible childcare services, suiting the lifestyles of parents while achieving high standards of early years education. Open days and evenings are … more

First Steps Nursery Group (2)

First Steps operate three nurseries that maintain a fun and stimulating environment in which children can grow and develop, adhering to professional and secure childcare standards … more

Footprints Day Nurseries Ltd (2)

Footprints nurseries encourage children to develop their own independence and self-confidence in a fun and supportive environment. Staff at Footprints help children with both social … more

Footsteps Day Nurseries Ltd (5)

Footsteps Day Nurseries Ltd understand that anyone entrusted to care for a child must see themselves as an extension of the care and support provided by the child`s parents and so … more

The Four Seasons Montessori / The Wood Street Montessori (2)

The Four Seasons Montessori / The Wood Street Montessori: two day nurseries that look to make a positive contribution to local childcare and learning. Parents can expect a friendly … more

Friends Private Day Nursery Ltd (2)

Friends Day Nurseries provide high quality childcare enabling parents and carers to focus on other responsibilities, confident that their children will be happy and safe in our care. … more

Fun Farm Day Nursery Ltd (2)

Fun Farm Day Nursery Ltd's owners have excellent experience in creating environments in which children feel interested and creative, with a wide range of learning resources and qualified … more

Funcare Ltd (3)

FUNCARE LTD Caring and fun for your children Our vision is to provide the highest quality experiences for children, for carers and for parents. · We believe in treating all … more

The Grange Day Nursery (2)

The Grange Day Nursery offer graduate-led settings, with qualified and experienced practitioners that look to help children make the most of their early years learning potential within … more

Growing Up Green Ltd (2)

Growing Up Green have built up a successful nursery service thanks to a constant focus on maintaining and improving excellent practice. All staff are highly-experienced, taking a holistic … more

Happy Child Ltd (15)

Happy Child Ltd specialise in nursery environments designed to support each child's development and growth. Alongside professional and friendly care, children enjoy an atmosphere that … more

Happy Days South West Ltd (16)

Happy Days South West Ltd look to inspire the imagination of all children registered at their nurseries, maintaining caring and homely environments, where children and parents feel … more

Head Start Day Nursery Ltd (4)

Head Start Day Nursery Ltd run four early years care and education facilities that are well-resourced to suit a versatile curriculum and provide experienced and trained professionals … more

Hopscotch Day Nurseries (4)

Hopscotch Day Nurseries were born when we were looking for care for our own children and couldn’t find a suitable option. So – we built it. Each of our 4 nurseries provides home … more

Hungry Caterpillar Day Nurseries Ltd (9)

Hungry Caterpillar Day Nurseries opened in 1999 in answer to Olivia Foley, the founders, own childcare needs and inability to find the quality of provision she sought for her daughter. … more

Into-Play Ltd (2)

Into-Play Ltd run two homely nurseries in Gloucestershire, both combining quality facilities with quality care packages, while operating a key person approach that ensures all children … more

Jancett Group of Day Nurseries (6)

Jancett Group of Day Nurseries focus upon the learning and development of pre-school children, aiming for a daily environment in which they can thrive, feeling free to express themselves, … more

Janet Irwin at The Acorns Nursery School (3)

The Acorns Nursery School have two Hassocks based chidcare facilities and one in Haywards Heath, all of which treat the early years of children as precious and strive for professional … more

Just Childcare Ltd (7)

Just Childcare Ltd have years of experience in skilled and secure childcare and early years education, valuing both the children and parents who benefit from their services and aiming … more

Kaleidoscope Day Nurseries Ltd (4)

Established in 1991, Kaleidoscope offers high quality care, education and recreation for babies and children across Yorkshire. Although part of a group, all settings are very individual … more

Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries (19)

Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries has passionately pursued an expanding nursery programme to bring skilled childcare to many parts of Central and Southern England, producing environmentally … more

Kiddiwinks Day Nursery Ltd (2)

Kiddiwinks Day Nursery Ltd is open from 7am-6pm Monday-Friday including Bank Holidays. They have achieved Investors in People, OSFTED accreditation and hold the Gold Award for Smile … more

Kids 1st Nurseries (10)

Kids 1st Nurseries own a range of purpose-built nurseries across the North East of England, offering parents the confidence of fully-secure and hygienic environments that are also … more

Kids Allowed (5)

Kids Allowed has a philosophy based around providing nurturing environments for children, alongside a supportive approach to parents. The company was founded by chief executive Jennie … more

Kids Inc Nurseries (10)

Kids Inc Nurseries provide childcare environments that are designed to help learning flourish amongst early years children. Incorporating an excellent range of equipment and resources, … more

Kids Planet Day Nurseries (12)

Kids Planet Day Nurseries is committed to quality nursery care and education, with a strong presence in Manchester and Cheshire. In purpose-built surroundings, children are supported … more

Kids Play Childcare Ltd (8)

Kids Play Childcare are a Milton Keynes company with an expanding portfolio of day nurseries, mostly in the Milton Keynes area but also in Kettering, Leighton Buzzard and Bury St Edmunds. … more

kidsunlimited Nurseries (55)

For over 30 years kidsunlimited Nurseries have been giving babies and young children unlimited opportunities to learn and develop through imagination, creativity and play. By providing … more

Kinder Haven Day Nurseries (5)

Kinder Haven Day Nurseries are dedicated to positive early years learning environments, that suit growth and well-being and provide specialised care and numerous active learning possibilities. The … more

Kinder Nurseries Ltd (11)

After 20 years of consistently high standards of care from our 9 purpose designed nurseries, we provide the same care, affection and attention as your child receives at home. Through … more

KinderKare Day Nurseries (3)

Choosing the right care for your children is a big decision, at KinderKare we hope to make this decision easier for you. With over 50 years experience in the field of childcare, … more

Lesley Bothwell Nurseries (2)

Lesley Bothwell Nurseries provide a childcare service that is based on family values, aiming to enrich each child's learning experience in positive atmospheres that parents can feel … more

Little Bear's Daycare Group Ltd (3)

Little Bear's Daycare Group Ltd run two East London facilities that provide a full range of day care services, wrap-around care and support recognised early years curriculum. Alongside … more

Little Dreams Day Nursery Ltd (3)

Little Dreams Day Nursery provides care for children aged between three months and five years. The nursery offers both part and full time care sessions, with its fully qualified staff. The … more

Little Flowers Day Nursery Group (2)

Little Flowers Day Nursery Group operate two pleasant childcare facilities, located in Aldershot and in Streatham, both of which adhere to key EYFS and Ofsted goals while providing … more

Little Learners Day Nurseries (2)

Little Learners Day Nurseries run two services, one in South Croydon and one in Purley, both of which offer an interior fully-resourced for early years education and suited for healthy … more

Little Monkey's Nursery Ltd (2)

Little Monkey's Nursery Ltd is committed to happy and secure environments in which pre-school learning can thrive, making the most of each child's potential in the crucial first five … more

Little Raccoons Day Nursery Ltd (2)

Little Raccoons Day Nursery Ltd are committed to fun and stimulating childcare, enabling learning to thrive in purpose-built facilities during the pre-school period. Children enjoy … more

The Little Shipmates Family (4)

The Little Shipmates Family focuses on care to support each individual child, helping to inspire them in learning something new every day. The group's nurseries undergo continuous … more

Little Stars Nurseries (5)

Little Stars Nurseries is a family-owned company that takes pride in offering a full range of resources for early years childcare and education, within friendly settings that are both … more

Liverpool Nurseries Group (3)

The Liverpool Nurseries Group operate three facilities, all of which are dedicated to the highest standards of childcare, looking to inspire learning within healthy and stimulating … more

Lloyd Williamson Schools (2)

The Lloyd Williamson Schools aim to give every child a secure, structured environment in which everyone can be given the opportunities they need to achieve their full potential. The … more

The London Early Years Foundation (27)

Dating back to 1903, the London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) has made invaluable contributions to childcare thinking and provision over the decades. A registered charity and respected … more

Longacre Childcare Ltd (3)

Longacre Childcare Ltd is a small company, owned by Montessori St Nicholas, that has grown directly in response to the needs of local families. The nurseries are homely and creative, … more

MMI Preschools (4)

MMI Preschools are part of an international group dedicated to promoting the values of sound child development. The group runs four London pre-schools as part of its drive to achieve … more

Magic Daycare Nurseries (2)

Magic Daycare Nurseries pursue a vision for a friendly and home-from-home atmosphere within which early years learning can flourish, developing knowledge, skills and personality as … more

Mama Bear's Day Nursery (19)

Mama Bear's Day Nursery is well-respected in the South West of England for providing affordable children, at the same time as offering parents staff teams that are passionate about … more

Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries Ltd (26)

Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries Ltd believe in offering a wide range of opportunities for pre-school learning potential, within safe and healthy facilities that are staffed by skilled … more

Montessori Education (2)

Montessori Education own two Bournemouth day nurseries that have won the respect of parents through combining pleasant and well-equipped environments with focused learning goals, aiming … more

My First Friends (2)

My First Friends are dedicated to an ideal environment for early years childcare and education, in line with regulatory requirements and with staff who can help children develop positively … more

The Nannery Ltd (2)

The Nannery Ltd run two professional day nurseries in Northampton, both of which are equipped for indoor and outdoor learning, support free flow play and give children the freedom … more

Nazareth House Day Nurseries (2)

Nazareth House Day Nurseries run two UK services, one in Cardiff and one in Lancaster, that look to provide versatile day care services in well-resourced facilities. Children will … more

Nuffield Health (10)

Nuffield Health have built up a strong presence in the health and care sectors and also have a number of day nurseries, established to provide caring environments that suit early years … more

Nurserytime Group (3)

Nurserytime Group believe in offering an old-fashioned family service with caring values, alongside a modern early years curriculum. A qualified team have a great depth of experience … more

Oak Tree Day Nurseries (2)

At Oak Tree Day Nurseries staff believe that each child is unique and activities are planned around their individual needs and interests. The nursery supports children to learn and … more

The Old Station Nursery Ltd (4)

The Old Station Nursery Ltd is a young and growing nursery provider that believes all childcare facilities should work as a 'home from home' for your child, offering flexible services … more

The Orange Tree Day Nurseries (3)

The Orange Tree Day Nurseries take pride in offering a friendly and family run service, providing parents with their own key person contact to keep them up-to-date with nursery development. … more

The Orchard Children's Nurseries (2)

The Orchard Children's Nurseries are opening their second facility in 2014 in Bramley, adding to their first in Farnborough. This expansion has been made possible thanks to a focus … more

Orchard Lea Nursery Ltd (2)

Orchard Lea Nursery Ltd is a group that feels passionately about making sure each child in their care is able to get the best start out of life. The focus is on a happy and safe environment … more

Orchards Day Nursery Group (3)

Orchards Day Nursery Group operate fun and stimulating nursery environments that are organised to suit early years learning, at the same time as being secure and hygienic in order … more

Oxfordshire Nurseries Ltd (3)

Oxfordshire Nurseries Ltd operate three services, in Wantage, Abingdon and Didcot, all of which are dedicated to a friendly childcare service that strives for a high standard of early … more

PAUK Ltd - BarleyMont Group of Nurseries (3)

PAUK Ltd - BarleyMont Group of Nurseries Trades as -- Barley Lane Montessori Day Nursery - Goodmayes Area Landline# 02085995937 Mobile# 07595931990 Trades as -- Barley Lane … more

Paintpots (Manchester) Ltd (4)

Paintpots Nursery Ltd is a North-West Nursery Group that strives for the highest standards of care and education, looking to make the most of the early years period, preparing children … more

Patchwork Day Nurseries (3)

Patchwork Day Nurseries own three Maidenhead services that are well respected locally for the friendly and professional services they deliver. Children enjoy a stimulating environment … more

Pennies Day Nursery Ltd (2)

Pennies Day Nursery Ltd run two Maidstone services well-respected amongst parents from the local community for the professional childcare services they achieve and the opportunities … more

Peques Anglo-Spanish Nursery Schools (2)

Peques Anglo-Spanish Nursery Schools are a group of Bilingual Nurseries based in the South East of England. We have two located in Fulham, London that have been well established now … more

Pixieland Day Nurseries (3)

Pixieland Day Nurseries welcome children aged between three months and five years to a positive learning environment, staffed by highly-trained individuals who treat each child as … more

Playtime Nurseries (2)

Playtime Nurseries takes pride in offering the best facilities for early years education, at the same time as sourcing skilled and friendly professionals. Quality childcare is the … more

Poppies Daycare Nursery Ltd (2)

Poppies Daycare Nursery Ltd run two friendly and versatile pre-school services, with staff experienced in the challenges of professional day care and facilities that support a wide … more

Positive Steps Children's Day Nursery Ltd (8)

Positive Steps Children's Day Nursery Ltd pursues a key person system, in order to safeguard the personal development of each child, while aspiring to happy learning environments that … more

Precious Little Ones Ltd (5)

At Precious Little Ones we pride ourselves on our understanding of the things that really matter to parents when it comes to nursery care, and through the utilisation of our many child … more

Pride & Joy Day Nursery Ltd (2)

Pride & Joy Day Nursery Ltd provide a full early years curriculum, from a skilled team of staff dedicated to supporting the social, cultural and psychological development of children, … more

Puddleducks Child Care Ltd (2)

Puddleducks Child Care Ltd are dedicated to a professional childcare experience, making the most of stimulating and home-from-home settings. A versatile approach allows parents to … more

Rainbow Nursery Group (2)

Rainbow Nursery operates two Tunbridge Wells childcare facilities that offer both friendly atmospheres and versatile learning environments for pre-school children to develop. The provider … more

Red Balloon (2)

Red Balloon Day Nurseries have one Cobham and one Weybridge facility, both of which welcome babies from three months and children of pre-school age to a stimulating learning environment … more

Redroofs Nursery (2)

For over 30 years Redroofs Nurseries have provided a happy, stimulating and secure environment where learning is shared and children’s work is valued. Your child can develop and progress … more

Rosy Apple Childcare Ltd (5)

Rosy Apple Childcare Ltd run six versatile nursery environments that place great value on the benefits of both indoor and outdoor play, with age-specific goals and the most made of … more

St George's Nursery School (4)

St Georges Nursery School is a Leicester-based childcare provider that looks to maintain high standards of early years education throughout its four sites, within comfortable and secure … more

St John's-on-the-Hill & Brightlands School Trust Ltd (3)

St. John’s-on-the-Hill is a leading day and boarding independent preparatory school with two Day Nurseries in Chepstow and one in Newport. At all three Nurseries you will discover … more

Serendipitys Day Nurseries (4)

Serendipitys Day Nurseries is a childcare setting that promotes quality and diversity, at the same time as demonstrating a commitment to sound early years education. The nursery team … more

Seymour House Day Nursery Schools (8)

Seymour House Day Nursery School on Springfield Road has been providing outstanding care and education for over 25 years. The Nursery building is a beautifully converted Victorian … more

Shooting Stars Nurseries (4)

Shooting Stars offers high quality childcare in convenient, central locations. At the nurseries, children will receive a rich, stimulating nursery experience which will be a positive … more

Smiley Faces Day Nurseries (2)

Smiley Faces Day Nurseries operate two Doncaster services that are dedicated to rewarding the trust and confidence of parents with a secure and flexible outlook, contributing greatly … more

Snapdragons Nurseries Ltd (7)

Snapdragons Nurseries Ltd are well respected in their local communities for a professional childcare service that achieves high standards of early years learning, while providing parents … more

Squirrels Children's Day Nurseries (3)

Squirrels Children's Day Nurseries operate two facilities, located in Manchester and Leigh, both of which look to inspire age-specific learning in friendly environments. The group … more

Sunflower Smile Ltd (2)

Sunflower Smile Ltd offer vibrant interiors and play environments to inspire early years learning, allowing new skills to flourish within a happy and fun atmosphere. EYFS objectives … more

Sunflowers Day Nurseries (EY) Ltd (2)

Sunflowers Day Nurseries (EY) Ltd employee professional child carers who are committed to a loving environment, in which all children are treated as individuals and supported through … more

Sunhill Daycare (Europe) Ltd (9)

Sunhill Daycare operates a growing chain of day nurseries committed to providing affordable quality childcare. The company operate both the Montessori and High/Scope approach to early … more

Tenderlinks Day Nursery (3)

Tenderlinks Day Nursery’s is a privately owned group of nurseries located within London. We are committed to your child's future and thus work tirelessly to provide a service which … more

TicTots Day Nurseries (3)

TicTots Nurseries provide children a caring and safe environment in which to learn through the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and develop their own personality and individuality … more

Tiny Toez Children's Day Nurseries Ltd (11)

Tiny Toez Children's Day Nurseries Ltd: You are about to make one of the most important decisions that you’ll ever have to make in your life as a parent, that of who you choose to … more

Toad Hall Nursery Group (15)

Toad Hall Nursery Group is a respected childcare provider, dedicated to high standards of early years education within comfortable and secure facilities, run by qualified professionals … more

Tommies Childcare Ltd (9)

Welcome to Tommies Childcare Ltd, one of the leading childcare providers in the West Midlands, caring for over 350 children per week. Since it was founded in 1998, the company has … more

Tops Day Nurseries (15)

Tops Day Nurseries take pride in offering childcare services that are bases upon a flexible approach to parent's needs, alongside quality early years learning and exceptional standards … more

Treetops Nurseries Ltd (34)

Treetops Nurseries Ltd offer compassionate, professional care for children in a fun and loving environment. Established in 1991, the Treetops family has grown, now providing childcare … more

Twinkles Nurseries Ltd (5)

Twinkles Nurseries Ltd organise pre-school learning environments that are set up for children to thrive, benefitting from age specific learning that sees key life skills develop in … more

Twizzle Tops Day Nurseries (4)

Twizzle Tops Day Nurseries own four nurseries, located in the Thurrock, Basildon, Wembley and Stevenage. At Twizzle Tops Day Nurseries professionals put the needs of your children … more

Unicorn Nurseries (2)

The Unicorn Nursery provides a safe and stimulating environment which has been designed to meet the needs of every young child who attends. There are both indoor and outdoor play … more

The Village Montessori Nursery School Ltd (2)

The Village Montessori Nursery School Ltd is run by a compassionate team that values the contribution they can make to the challenges parents face. The nurseries has researched the … more

Wee Gems Holdings Ltd (4)

Wee Gems Holdings Ltd has continued to grow its nursery range since opening its first facility in 2005. Owners find that providing a professional early years learning and childcare … more

Wellingtons Day Nursery Group Ltd (2)

Wellingtons Day Nurseries Ltd aim to provide parents with a friendly service they can trust, helping them to balance childcare with work commitments. Care environments are tailored … more

Willow Cottage Nurseries (2)

Willow Cottage Nurseries, Oxford and Witney are rated OUTSTANDING in every area of judgement by Ofsted and are an award winning small day nursery group. They hold the prestigious Leading … more

Wonderland Day Nurseries (2)

Wonderland Day Nurseries run two friendly and professional day nursery services, one in Birmingham and one in Wednesbury, both of which take pride in the strong reputation they have … more

YMCA Fairthorne Group (10)

The YMCA Fairthorne Group has been offering and achieving high standards of pre-school childcare in the South of England for several decades; a known and respected provider amongst … more

YMCA West & Central Herts Nurseries (3)

YMCA West & Central Herts Nurseries provide professional services and fully-resources facilities for early years learning. Staffed by an experienced team of professionals, the nurseries … more

Young Sussex (3)

Young Sussex prioritise each child's happiness and development, looking to make the most of early years learning ability in order to strengthen potential for later life. A small family … more

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