Funding Loop

36 Cherry Orton Road, Peterborough PE2 5EQ

Funding Loop is a piece of software that automates the government funding process for nurseries. By allowing forms to be filled in and managed online it dramatically reduces the amount of time required to manage the process.

Funding Loop allows parents to easily fill in and sign their Parental Contracts online, with the form broken down into bite size chunks and clear guidance provided at each step. Funded hours are calculated automatically and parents are able to upload pictures of the birth certificates and proof of address directly from their mobile or laptop, eliminating the need to scan documents.

Using a dashboard screen, nursery staff can send the forms, monitor progress and review completed forms and supporting documents. Once all forms have been completed Funding Loop will upload all the details to the council website without nursery staff having to type them in.

Owner: Khayam Ezzat

Owner: Helen Evans

Owner: John Blair

Funding Loop is in the following categories: Management Software & Systems, Computer Software, Financial Services, Funding / Commercial Mortgages, Parent Surveys

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