Greenvision Energy Ltd

Nottingham Sustainability Centre, 662 Nuthall Road, Nottingham NG8 6AQ

As a supplier and fitter of efficient energy solutions, Greenvision Energy specialises in helping UK businesses including nurseries with everything they need to significantly reduce their lighting and
heating bills. It encourages nursery owners to make the most of its specialist knowledge via a free consultancy and audit services.

It can tell you how much can be saved by investing in Green Energy. As a certified Green Deal provider, Greenvision is fully authorised to administer government-funded initiatives. It has experience outfitting businesses
with solar PV. As well as funding your free solar installation, the government will also pay you for all the surplus electricity you generate.

Greenvision also encourage nursery owners to invest in LED lighting. LEDs have 90% the energy consumption of incandescent or halogen bulbs. Its Pay As You Save scheme promises to outfit the nursery with a full LED makeover well before you have to consider paying for

Greenvisions NHS approved electric radiators put safety first. Operating at low surface temperatures at all times, they are completely safe for children to touch. All the while, these Elnur products
are 'smart' electric radiators. They will heat your nursery to desired comfort
levels as efficiently as possible. When you purchase smart radiators, you can expect to downsize your current heating bills by as much as a quarter.

Business Development Manager: Paul Campbell

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