Avensure Ltd

City Tower, Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester M1 4BT

Avensure is an award winning consultancy business specialising in employment, health and safety law.

It offers a fresh approach to consultancy, training and support services, working closely with SMEs of all industry sectors.

Its key objective is to become an essential part of your business by providing nurseries with the service and support that works for the you.

So whether you just need to use them as a safety net for that occasional challenging situation or prefer a complete support package, it will ensure you receive the highest level of service and professional advice from their team.

Managing Director: Chris Garner

Head of Marketing & Events: Ronnie Wainwright

National Partnership Manager: Allan Winn

Avensure Ltd is in the following categories: Advisory Services, Health & Safety, Human Resources, Legal Services, Risk Assessment

Awards / Recognitions

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