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A Reggio Emilia approach helps early years staff better understand how children learn

Richard Howard, News Editor (11-Sep-14)

Although the Montessori approach to pre-school learning often receives more attention, another philosophy that more and more nurseries are beginning to favour is that of Reggio Emilia. Named after an Italian town, the approach.....

Early years intervention gives stammering children best chance of full recovery

Julia Corbett, News Editor (08-Sep-14)

Stammering is a serious communication difficulty where people have problems repeating words, repeating sounds, stretching sounds or getting stuck on a specific word. It is also more common in under-fives than many people might think. The.....

Pre-school children today have 'poorer physical and motor skills' than 20 years ago

Sue Learner, News Editor (03-Sep-14)

Pre-school children today are more fearful of hurting themselves and “are not so confident in their physical abilities as they used to be” two decades ago, according to a leading early years physical development expert. Dr.....