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Parents confess to feeling jealous over children’s emotional bond with nursery practitioners

Sue Learner, News Editor (30-Oct-14)

A charity is calling for nurseries to educate parents on the importance of childcare practitioners forming a strong bond with their child. Some parents admit to feeling jealous of the strong, emotional bond.....

Biting in nurseries tackled by developing emotional language so children express through words not actions

Julia Corbett, News Editor (08-Oct-14)

Encouraging children to develop their own emotional language can provide nursery staff with a way to help children express themselves through words instead of physical actions such as biting and scratching. For.....

A day in the life of a nursery nurse

Nina Hathway, News Editor (07-Oct-14)

Twenty-one-year old Sophie Allen, a nursery nurse level 3 NVQ, had always wanted to work with children as long as she can remember. Here she talks about what the job is like. What is your job? "I.....