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Why Kendor Day Nursery won top recommended nursery in the UK

Sue Learner, News Editor (03-Jul-14)

In July 2010, Claire Hatton opened a nursery in her grandparents’ old home. Only four years on and she has won top recommended nursery in the UK. The awards run by, leading online guide.....

'Big Mother' is watching you: Increasing number of nurseries using webcams and CCTV

Julia Corbett, News Editor (03-Jul-14)

Initially launched in American nurseries over a decade ago, to enable parents to view their child and monitor their care, webcams and CCTV technology are now being increasingly used in UK nurseries. Researchers.....

Good hand hygiene means children can play in the dirt

Richard Howard, News Editor (03-Jul-14)

Being both dirty and hygienic within early years settings might seem like a contradiction, but professionals at The Spanish Nursery and Children's Centre for Culture and Language in North London believe one complements the other and stress that messy play is an important part of pre-school.....