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Photographs reveal a 'child's eye view' of nursery life

Melissa McAlees, News Editor (28-Jan-16)

Learning is a process that involves thought, vision and imagination. A camera can help spark these very same qualities in the minds of young children. They capture a world from their view point. Cameras.....

Technology in the early years: A help or a hindrance?

Ellie Spanswick, News Editor (28-Jan-16)

The use of technology in the early years is a contentious issue among childcare professionals and parents. Child-friendly apps, toys and gadgets are becoming increasingly affordable and accessible, while there is growing concern about.....

Nurseries urged to draw up cuddle policies over fears intimacy with children will be misunderstood

Sue Learner, Editor (08-Jan-16)

Nurseries are being urged to draw up cuddle policies setting out clear guidance for practitioners, after a study found some nursery staff are afraid to cuddle young children, fearing they could be accused of child abuse. Dr.....