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Fire-hit day nursery rises from the ashes

Richard Howard, News Editor (08-Jan-15)

Two years after an arson attack broke the hearts of nursery owners and staff at Toad Hall Nursery, in Goldsworth Park, Surrey, along with the children and parents who used the service, the nursery is once again open, welcoming new.....

Swearing in nursery: How to tackle this growing problem

Sue Learner, News Editor (07-Jan-15)

Hearing a young child swear can be very upsetting and yet it is a growing problem that thousands of nurseries encounter on a daily basis. The shock value of young children swearing was demonstrated last.....

Government advised to reconsider the term 'Integrated Review' for new two year olds' progress check

Julia Corbett, News Editor (07-Jan-15)

The report on a pilot integrating the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Progress Check with the Healthy Child Programme (HCP) health and development review has recommended the ‘integrated review’ is renamed.....