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Parenting expert writes storybook for children affected by domestic violence

Sue Learner, News Editor (24-Feb-14)

Parenting expert, Jane Evans, has written a storybook to help children make sense of the feelings they have after witnessing domestic violence. In the UK, at least 750,000 children a year are known to witness.....

Lack of woodland access is a national tragedy for younger generations

Richard Howard, News Editor (06-Feb-14)

'The Rat left the house, and carefully examined the muddy surface of the ground outside, hoping to find the Mole’s tracks. There they were, sure enough. The galoshes were new, just bought for the winter, and the pimples on their soles.....

Asquith Nannies boss calls it ‘outrageous’ that nannies don’t have to register with Ofsted

Sue Learner, News Editor (05-Feb-14)

The boss of Asquith Nannies is calling for the law to be changed and says it is “outrageous” that anyone can become a nanny without any training, qualifications or checks. Martin Hinchliffe, managing director.....