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Carpool karoake by 4-year-olds with Down's Syndrome makes Corden cry

Article By: Angeline Albert

No less than 50 four-year-olds with Down's Syndrome have lip-synced their way to stardom with their own carpool karaoke hit, bringing tears to the eyes of the karoake king James Corden.

Credit: You Tube/Wouldn’t Change a Thing

The sight of young children with Down's Syndrome from across the UK joining their mums to lip sync and sign the words to Christina Perri’s song ‘A Thousand Years’, has generated more than one million hits on You Tube.

Carpool karaoke creator James Corden was so taken by the video, he tweeted:“This is the most beautiful Carpool Karaoke. It made me cry.”

Credit: You Tube/Wouldn’t Change a Thing

The idea came from mum Becky Carless, whose four-year-old son Archie has Down’s Syndrome. She is a member of the Facebook group known as ‘Designer Genes’ created for parents who have a child born in 2013/14 with the condition.

In total, 50 mothers filmed themselves with their children lip syncing and signing to the words of the song.

The videos led to a dad in the group deciding to put all the film clips together to produce a video ‘50 Mums, 50 Kids, 1 Extra Chromosome’.

By 20 March, the video had 1,150,956 hits on You Tube, ahead of World Down’s Syndrome Day on 21 March.

Credit: You Tube/Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Jacqui Hicklin posting on the Facebook group (17 March) wrote: ‘1,000,000 views!! Thank you so much to everyone who has watched and shared this for us!

‘Remember this is not about making ourselves or our little ones famous for 5 minutes this is about showing people that our children are just like any others and that a diagnosis of DS is not bad news and nothing to be sorry about!

‘To quote a perfect comment we have received “There has been a lot said about abortion and Down's syndrome recently, I think these beautiful children are the answer to the question. They’re so worth saving.” Please keep sharing.’

Credit: James Cordon Twitter

Comments by the video's viewers include a mum who wrote: 'Tears running down my face as I write this. So beautiful. I am a parent of teenager with DS and remember the days of using Makaton so well. It is hugely inspirational and such a fantastic film. Well done to the creators and the mummies and children who took part. I hope it takes the world by storm.'

The video has been created to highlight how parents of children with Down's Syndrome wouldn't change a thing about their child and is trending on Twitter with the hashtag #wouldntchangeathing and #wdsd18 to commemorate this year's World Down’s Syndrome Day on 21 March.


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Kelly Gilmartin

Kelly Gilmartin

29 Mar 2018 1:08 PM

What a fab and enjoyable video! You can see the kids had almost as much fun as the mum's did, lol!