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Kiddi Caru Plympton Experience the Long Arm of the Law


The children and staff at Kiddi Caru’s Plympton day nursery enjoyed a visit from the police this week!

One of the children’s parents works for the local police force and very kindly arranged for a visit to the nursery. The children were able to see a police van as well as getting in and looking around it. There was a demonstration of the van’s lights and sirens as well as a dressing up session where the children tried on different police hats.

A talk was held with the older children about the type of equipment used by the police, which gave them the chance to ask lots of questions.

Tracey Callan, Nursery Manager, said: “It was very kind of one of our mums to arrange a visit for us and I would like to say a big thank you to her. The children love police cars, fire engines and ambulances – anything with flashing lights and a siren and so they were super excited to be able to get in a real police van and see for themselves what it is like up close.”

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