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Children At Kiddi Caru Basingstoke Join The Top Brass


The children at Kiddi Caru’s Basingstoke day nursery tooted the day away recently, when they got to listen to, and have a go at playing, a host of brass instruments.

There were bugles, trumpets and even a tuba, all of which had been brought in by Nursery Manager Helen Kinch. The children were amazed at how many different sounds they made and how loud the tuba was. As well as dancing along to the music the instruments made they were also able to try playing them themselves.

Said Helen: “There was lots of excitement when the children were told I would be bringing some instruments in for them to explore and listen to. A lot of children learn through hands on experiences so being able to handle the instruments themselves and make sounds with them provided a wonderful, multi-sensory experience for them.”

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