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Pre-schoolers celebrate the Chinese ‘New Year of the Dog’


Joining revellers around the world, pre-schoolers at Mulberry Day Nursery in Maidenhead staged celebrations to mark the Chinese New Year of the Dog.

Making dog masks and dancing to traditional music, were just some of the activities available to the children at the day nursery in Boyn Hill Avenue, who also took home special prints of their names in Chinese characters.

As Mulberry Deputy Manager, Samantha Renshaw, explained the event provides more than just fun and excitement for the children who are also learning about the country and culture too.

“The celebrations provide so many opportunities to be imaginative and creative, and as a result the learning opportunities are endless,” she said.

“The Year of the Dog is about being loyal, honest, responsible, conscientious and sensitive to the needs of others which ties in with our nursery ‘Golden Rules’ of behaviour and has provided lots of interesting conversations during focus circle times with the children,” she added.

Other activities have included creating Chinese symbols in sand and rice play with chop sticks.

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