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Three-year-old boy escapes nursery and walks home by himself

Article By: Angeline Albert

Mum Sarra Reid was shocked to discover her three-year-old child had walked half a mile home from nursery along a busy road, after slipping past staff without them noticing.

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Shortly after dropping her son off at nursery, Sarra Reid heard crying outside her house and opened the front door to see her son standing outside alone. Liam Radcliffe had managed to walk by himself along a busy road from his nursery at Barassie Early Years Centre in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Ms Reid told the Daily Record: “It is about half-a-mile or a 10-minute walk. It is a really busy road" adding “I don’t really want to think what could have happened. “What if I had been out?

'Thank goodness Liam knew the way home'

"He told me he wanted to come home. Thank goodness Liam knew the way home”.

Appalled at the idea that her son could have been snatched by a stranger or hit by a car, Ms Reid rushed him back to the nursery by car and was "horrified" when she realised they didn’t know he’d been missing.

“We were buzzed back in and the teachers just looked perplexed as to how we were walking in together. I had expected to see a search going on for him. I was absolutely horrified.”

Since the incident (25 January), the concerned mum met with nursery chiefs to find out how security would be tightened to prevent another child leaving the nursery alone.

She said: “They also said there would be an additional member of staff when I said that I thought they were understaffed.”

Barassie Early Years Centre in Barassie, Scotland is run by South Ayrshire Council.

A spokesman for the council told "The external gate is locked at key times.

"A buzzer has been added to the internal door release to alert staff to people leaving the building and we’re also looking at additional measures to restrict access between areas within the early years centre."

Child starts a new nursery soon

Ms Reid added: “I’m glad the nursery have changed their security measures but Liam will be finishing up there soon and hopefully starting at a new nursery. I’ve just lost confidence with the experience there.”

Douglas Hutchison, South Ayrshire Council's director of educational services said: "Following a recent incident where a child left the Barassie Early Years Centre for a short time, additional security measures have been put in place.

"We take our children’s safety very seriously and the new way of working will help ensure that such an incident doesn’t happen again."


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