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Childbase raise £140,000 to provide equipment for disabled children

Article By: Michaela Chirgwin

Staff at Childbase Partnership nurseries have been working together to raise a whopping £140,000 for charity. Over 100 staff, including managers, nursery workers and directors raised £12,000 of the total amount by spending the night ‘sleeping rough’ at their HQ car park.

Children Today, a charity that specialises in providing equipment grants for disabled children and young people, was chosen by staff as their yearly charity for the fundraising drive. Credit: Childbase Partnership

HR advisor for Childbase, Aimee Dowell explained it was impossible to remain unmoved by stories of the charity’s success when essential equipment was being provided. She said: “A grant of £85 to create a ramp means that a disabled child is no longer house-bound and can enjoy something as simple as an outing to the shops with his mother.

“Such a small sum of money when you consider the long-term impact on that family.”

Other equipment that can now be provided by grants includes specialist ‘vibrating suits’, which help to prolong the lives of children with cystic fibrosis, and life-enhancing mobility items for young disabled people; this includes walking aids, trikes and adapted car seats.

Collecting the cheque at the Childbase Partnership’s headquarters in Newport-Pagnell, Ben Partridge, chief executive of Children Today said:

“This very significant sum of money represents a huge boost to the charity and the life-preserving, enabling and enhancing grants we make to children and young people for essential equipment and materials.

“We calculate that at least six people benefit from every grant we make - that’s over 1,000 people in total - because any improvement to the quality of life of a disabled child automatically benefits their families.”

The considerable donation is a ‘record-breaking amount raised by the group - over £10,000 more than previous years’ efforts, representing about a quarter of the charity’s yearly income.

Childbase’s charity representative, Rachel Jackson explained that it was the good work carried out by Children Today that had moved employees to initially vote for them as their ‘Charity of the Year’. She said:

“We are all committed to giving children the best possible start in life, so we connected with this charity on a very personal level. The enthusiasm, creativity and generosity of everybody involved in fund-raising means we really will make a positive difference to the lives of so many children and their families.”

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