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Most mums spend little time with children and more time working

Article By: Angeline Albert

A poll of 1,000 parents has revealed more than half of mums (59 per cent) spend little time with their children because they must prioritise their job to provide for their families.

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New research has found 2.9 million mums in the UK find the work/parenting balance a daily struggle and wish they had more time to spend with their loved ones.

The rise in working mums in the UK has increased by 12 per cent since 1996 - the highest rate since it was first recorded in 1996, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). There are 4.9 million working mums in the UK , compared to 3.7 million over two decades ago. The number of working men with dependent children has also seen a rise of five per cent.

One in every two families admit to spending less than two hours per day together due to the increasing demands of their work. Some 57 per cent of parents said they have to work beyond their allocated working hours in order to provide for their family. With the costs of bringing up children and increasing work schedules, parents said they have no choice but to go to work whether it is part or full time.

Families reunited

Clare Jackson, director at The Wooden Furniture Store, which commissioned the research said: "It’s not always easy to achieve a healthy work/life balance - the constant pressure of our jobs can often rob us of time we could be spending at home with our loved ones.

“Recognising that free time is really precious, we wanted to learn more about how much time UK families spend with each other, and what they do when they are together."

In the little time they actually spend together, 52 per cent of families say they do reconnect with one another and take a moment to ask how their days have gone. Some 43 per cent of people make the effort to sit down together as a family every night for their evening meal.

To provide people with advice on how they can spend quality family time together, Wooden Furniture Store have created ‘Family First’ on its website featuring a quiz and tips such as ‘Make Time’ by banning phones, the TV and any other distraction in the house.

Cooking, eating, doing household chores and homework together as well as having a regular ‘games night’, a shared hobby and going for walks are advised.

To read more 'Family First' tips visit Wooden Furniture Store's website.


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