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Magical Motor Skills at Yorkshire Nursery


Boys and ghouls had a spooktacular day at Ghyll Royd Pre-School on Tuesday as they took part in Halloween lessons and activities.

The Halloween theme ran alongside the Ghyll Royd Discovery Day where children and parents came for a visit and spent the day in Reception, Form 1 and Form 2. Our visitors enjoyed Music, Art, English, Computing and much more during their stay. Children started the day with a show and tell as they described their costume and who they had come to nursery as to the rest of the class.

In Little Adventurers, Early Years teachers Mrs Davis and Mrs Watson had been replaced by Maleficent and a Witch! Appearances can be deceiving and luckily these Halloween characters were just as friendly and cuddly as Mrs Davis and Mrs Watson.

The Little Adventurers made ghosts using white gloves, rice, cotton wool and googly eyes! The children had to carefully scoop the rice into the glove. Their fine motor skills were tested in another activity where they had to pick up the creepy crawly bugs from the slime tub using tongs. Outside, the children created a messy potion using glitter, slime, and lots of objects that they found in the garden.

Great Explorers came to school looking fangtastic in their skeleton, pirate and witchy costumes. They gave Miss Coulton and Mrs Johnson quite the fright! Each child brought in something to do with Halloween for their treasure bags. Matilda brought in a picture of the pumpkins she carved at home with her family, and Toby brought in a ghost he’d made!

The class scooped out the innards of a pumpkin and marked out the face ready to carve. We had some very strong pumpkin carvers who cut out the jagged pieces of the pumpkin’s mouth and eyes. The class also had a go at hitting golf tees into another pumpkin using real hammers which taught them responsibility, safety and tested their hand-eye coordination. Mrs Johnson said she was very impressed with how quickly the children went from gently tapping to understanding how much strength they needed to use to hit the tee into the pumpkin and they all did very well.

Reception learnt about the ‘oo’ sound as they read ‘Room on the Broom’ in their phonics session. Frankenstein, Dracula and co welcomed a visitor to their room and shared their snacks before heading up to Music with Mrs Coultas. In the afternoon, the children made glittery spiderweb pictures, created creepy crawlies using Playdoh and put them into the witches cauldron to cast a scary spell.

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