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Heart of science at Winchester Day Nursery


How our bodies work has been the topic of learning at the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Maples Day Nursery recently. This has coincided with World Heart Week.

Practitioners at the nursery in Hatherley Road used a variety of different resources to talk to the children about how our hearts work. They then extended this learning by conducting a scientific demonstration to show how the heart pumps blood.

They used a tennis ball and water to represent the heart and blood. Children were asked to make predictions about what would happen and compared it to what happens in a real body. They then listened to each other’s heartbeats and recorded the speed of their heartbeats on drawings.

Nursery Manager Sarah Gibson said:

“Science activities help children to develop their understanding of the world around them and this topic encouraged them to learn all about themselves. Our highly trained practitioners have shown real initiative in extending children’s learning and bringing theory to life in a way that young minds will engage in and understand.”

World Heart Day is marked across the world with the aim of encouraging knowledge and awareness of heart diseases and conditions.

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