Nursery staff start 'babywearing' to soothe babies

Date Published: 22 Sep 2017 @ 15:24 PM
Article By: Melissa McAlees

A Cambridge nursery has introduced 'babywearing' to help soothe and comfort the babies they look after.

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Rainbow Day Nursery in Trumpington has become the first nursery in Cambridge - and the third in the UK - to officially practise babywearing in their day-to-day care of infants. Babywearing involves placing an infant into a sling and securing them close to the body so they can be carried around.

Nursery owner Melissa Murfet said the popularity of babywearing is increasing, and is a natural way to comfort, soothe and bond with babies.

She said: “At Rainbow we are always looking to improve and this change really puts us at the forefront of making our environment nurturing and the ‘home from home’ babies need.

"Taking up babywearing was just part of our drive to keep developing and doing the best we possibly can for our babies and children.

"Our sole aim is to put the child first. If they are happy being in a sling it makes sense to do it."

Rainbow Day Nursery, which was rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted in January, only started babywearing this week, but staff have already noticed a change in the babies' behaviour.

Ms Murfet added: “I've done babywearing with all of my four children and I can see how beneficial it has been for them. Research shows babies who are carried close to you in a sling cry 40 per cent less than they would if they were left alone.”

Last September, 15 members of staff were trained to use slings and baby carriers safely by Dr Sophie Messager, a doula and antenatal educator from Cambridge. She believes using a sling positively impacts the mental health of both care givers and children.

“Carrying is calming and helps babies stay in a quiet alert state, the ideal state for learning,” she said, "and contrary to popular belief, research shows secure attachment creates well adjusted, independent, more socially able and happier adults.”

According to the nursery, the response to babywearing has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Many of our parents babywear so this makes complete sense in settling children at the nursery and ensuring our babies are content throughout the day, feeling safe and secure,” added Ms Murfet.


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Michelle Louise

Michelle Louise

07 Oct 2017 11:20 PM

as much as i think this is lovely, its preventing the child from self soothing, which will in turn create big problems for parents, the baby will crave cuddles and find it hard to settle at bedtime, it could cause emotional issues and seperation anxiety.