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International Left Handers Day 2017


On Monday 14th August, children at Tops Wareham had a great time celebrating ‘Left Handers day’, an international awareness day that takes place on Sunday 13th August.

The children took it in turns to pour water from measuring jugs, peel and chop fruit and vegetables, use cutlery, playing ball games and much more… using only their left hands.

One child said “It’s too hard with this hand”, whilst another child commented “ I can see the line when I use the ruler.”

Danielle Hewitt, Preschool Room manager quotes “The activities we planned to celebrate left handers day were fun and challenging for the children. The children took part in many activities, for example, peeling and chopping vegetables, cutting a variety of material using scissors, pouring from measuring jugs using their left hand only. The activities helped children understand the difficulties left handed children may face as things are mainly designed for right handed people and children”.

In celebration of International Left Handers Day, we’d love to share some interesting facts with you…

Just 10 per cent of the world’s population is left-handed. Around 50 per cent of cats are left-handed, according to research. Left-handed people are better at 3D perception and thought processing. On a keyboard, there are around 1447 English words typed solely with the left hand, whereas only 187 are typed with the right. Use the right side of the brain the most Left-handedness is twice as common in twins as in the general population.

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