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Kiddi Caru Plympton Awarded Gold Woodlands Trust Accolade


The children and staff at Plympton Kiddi Caru day nursery are celebrating securing the Gold Woodlands Trust Award.

To achieve the award, the nursery staff and children planted and have been very busy. The children created pieces of outdoor art though collecting twigs, leaves and other interesting findings which were then added to two nursery displays. The children also participated in having a tea party in the nurseries wooded area.

The nusery staff visited a local woodland area every day taking small groups of children on a trip, taking many photographs and discussing the various trees, shrubs, wildlife and nature in general. The children were given a bucket to collect any findings items which they found interesting.

The children took their own photos using nursery cameras which were added to their classroom display and collected many leaves and twigs to form a nature table for group discussion (circle time).

Tracey Callan, Nursery Manager, said: “The children are really enjoying spending time learning about the outdoors and have worked really hard to help secure this new Gold award. I am so proud of them all.”

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