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Perfect PeaPods


The children at Dewsbury have recently seen their patience pay off, as their nursery grown peas were finally ready to pick last week. The children planted and cared for the different sized peapods and thoroughly enjoyed seeing them grow and change. After picking the pods, the children took them inside to open and were very excited to see the little peas inside. Once all of the peapods were opened, the children washed them thoroughly and enjoyed tasting them whilst singing their favourite pea song.

This activity helps children to learn the process of growing food, whilst teaching them the importance of being healthy. Whilst linking the aspect of growing food with a song the children also have fun and it allows them to link positive associations with their planting and growing experience.

The song the children enjoyed was: “5 little peas in a peapod pressed, one grew, two grew and so did all the rest, they grew and grew and did not stop, until one day the pod went pop"

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