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Winchester Preschoolers embark on ambitious car engineering project


Preschool children at West Downs Day Nursery on Romsey Road in Winchester are learning how to engineer and build their very own race car.

The project is being led by the Preschool Team who decided to expand on the children’s interest on building and vehicles by introducing a ‘tinker station’ within the nursery. When they found this a success, they decided to take it a step further and focus on a large construction project which the children could engage with from start to finish.

They will be using a kart chassis and are currently researching how different parts of a kart work and talking about what we need. This will include looking at brake systems, tracking for wheels as well ensure all parts are fitted correctly and run properly. The children have done their own risk assessment as well as cleaning the chassis and brainstorming the parts that we may need to source. Throughout this whole project the children will be keeping their own journal of the progress they make.

Nursery Manager Lyndsey Burns said:

“At West Downs Day Nursery we believe that learning happens best when it is a topic that children have shown an interest in. Our highly qualified practitioners have identified that there was a natural curiosity about cars and have expanded on this interest to undertake a large, group project which encompasses many different aspects of learning. We are all looking forward to watching the development of the project.”

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