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Animal fun at Finchampstead Day Nursery


An emerging interest in animals and insects has inspired a range of activities at the Ofsted-Rated ‘Outstanding’ Oak Tree Day in Finchampstead.

The children helped to gather and build materials to create their very own bug hotel which they have named ‘Bugingham Palace’. It is hoped that Bugingham Palace will provide a safe shelter for insects and provide an area of interest and learning for the children in the nursery.

Enormous fun was also had in helping to make a model cow that they could actually milk. The cow was created out of boxes, painted and a rubber glove was inserted as an udder. Water with white paint added for effect was poured in the back of the cow and the children could actually milk it whilst sitting on the milking stool.

Nursery Manager Julie Wilson said:

“At Oak Tree Day Nursery we promote child initiated learning. The children showed an interest in these topics which our highly trained practitioners were quick to pick up on and expand. The introduction of a bug hotel offers continual learning which will allow children to make observations in the natural world, the whole year round.”

The team also followed up these learning experiences by creating a homemade style book, following the progress and outcomes of the activities.

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