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Stanley the Tortoise Pops into Northampton Day Nursery


Preschool welcomed a very special visitor into Nene Valley Day Nursery, Stanley the tortoise.

The children were delighted and enthralled to meet Stanley who took centre stage as everyone took it in turns to care for him.

They put all their science and investigatory skills to the test as they made observations on what he eats, why he has a shell as well as the different patterns, shapes and marking for him. They then used a variety of different mark making resources to create their own representation of a Tortoise.

Manager of the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Nursery, Tracy Smith said:

“It was fantastic to welcome Stanley into our nursery. At Nene, the children love to learn about animals and the natural environment through books and resources; however nothing stimulates their interest quite like having a real-life animal to observe.”

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