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Kiddi Caru Burgess Hill Celebrates World Health Day


Healthy living was centre stage at Kiddi Caru’s day nursery in Burgess Hill, when the children and staff celebrated World Health Day on 7 April.

The children made good use of the nursery’s garden to get active and do lots of physical activities, from cycling and running and jumping to practicing their scooter skills.

They talked about what foods are good for you and which ones you should eat in moderation. The staff also helped them to practice their tooth brushing technique.

Gemma Burnett, nursery manager, said: “It’s so important for children to get into healthy habits at an early age that will then stay with them for years to come.

"During World Health Day we also talked a lot about why it’s important to eat well and exercise, so the children start to build an understanding of how your lifestyle impacts on your overall health and well being.”

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