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Orpington Day Nursery hosts Parent Workshop


Brinds Well Day Nursery in Orpington hosted a parent workshop on the theme of ‘What to Expect in Preschool’ which included details of the ‘School Readiness Programme.’

Parents learnt about the importance of pre-reading and pre-writing skills and how these have been introduced already through day to day activities within the Ofsted Outstanding rated nursery. They also learnt about some of the theory behind child development and the stages of learning for children of this age.

Brinds Well’s Manager Nichola Cass said: "At Brinds Well, we take a holistic approach to preparation for preschool and we focus on many different aspects of preparation including physical skills, learning and emotional development.

"Parent partnerships are something that we value highly and workshops such as these allow us to share our knowledge and understanding of child development whilst working alongside parents in promoting effective learning."

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