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Kiddi Caru Peterborough Welcomes Some Creepy, Crawly and Slithery Visitors!


A hedgehog, a frog and a snake were just some of the visitors the children at Kiddi Caru Peterborough played host to recently, when Zoolab dropped in with a menagerie of creepy crawlies.

The Zoolab team, who are specialists in animal handling workshops allowed the children to touch and even hold some of the visitors, which also included a snake, a tarantula and a look at some of the world’s largest beetles.

Chia Wallace, Nursery Manager, said: “While the children were having a great time learning all about these amazing creatures I have to admit I was keeping my distance whilst the tarantula was out at least! The children thought it was wonderful though and were absolutely fascinated with Pickles the hedgehog, we even got to watch her have some worms.”

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