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Livingston children take part in fish release


Children at Bright Horizons Livingston Nursery and Preschool recently teamed up with Williamston Primary School, Forth Fisheries and Murieston Environmental Group (M.E.G) to take part in a fish release.

The children released brown trout into the local river last Tuesday after learning about the life cycle of a fish, including as they hatch from eggs and grow into alevin.

A representative from M.E.G also caught some wildlife out of the river to allow the children to have a closer look at what the fish would be eating.

“The children had a fantastic time releasing the fish, making trout headbands, rainbow fish flags and a cake to celebrate releasing them into their natural habitat,” said Nursery Manager Karen Bell.

“Staff, parents and children all grouped together to give our fish a great sending off, we hope they will enjoy a long and happy life in the river and we will be waving hello every time we walk past.”

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